Panasonic KX-TDA50G Specs
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Panasonic KX-TDA50

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Panasonic KX-TDA50G Specs

Max Ports up to 28 ports
Max CO Lines 12
Max Analog CO's 12
Max VoIP (H.323) trunks 4
Max VoIP (SIP) trunks up to 8 (with expansion card)
Max Total Extensions up to 24 (48 with DXDP)
Max Analog Proprietary Extensions up to 24 (depends upon phone series/type and power supply)
Max Single Line Telephones 24
Max Digital Proprietary extensions up to 48 (depends upon phone series, power supply, and use of DXDP)
Max IP Proprietary Phone extensions 4
Telephone Compatibility Works with Panasonic KX-T7000, 7400, 7600, 7720, 7731, 7750 series as well as KX-NT136, KX-NT265 and SLTs
Multi-Cell Wireless Compatibility Yes
Maximum Cell Stations (Antennas) 4 standard, up to 8 with additional power supply
Maximum Portable Handsets 28
Maximum Doorphones 4
VoIP Extension 4
SD Card Yes, for storing system software and local database information
TAPI 2.1 Compliant Yes, Telephone Application Programming Interface Compliant
Universal Call Distribution Yes
Centralized Voicemail Yes, with KX-TVA Voice Mail Systems
Direct Station Select (DSS) Consoles 4
Extension Name on Display when Idle Available
Exclusive Hold Available
Executive Override Available
Executive Override Deny Available
Station to Station Messaging Available
Station Speed Dial Numbers Yes, 100 numbers, 32 digits each
Incoming Call Distribution Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D) 14.8'' x 10.8'' x 4.6''
Weight Under 8 lbs lbs
- Panasonic TDA50G Hybrid IP-PBX phone system
- Multi-cell wireless integration with 8 cell stations and 28 handsets
- Expandable to 12 COs and 24 extension ports (48 with DXDP)
- Built in caller ID capability
- Configured with 4 Super Hybrid Extension Ports and 4 Loop Start CO ports, power supply, RS-232 port, USB port, MOH port, paging port and a SD card
- VOIP gateway with QSIG (enhanced system networking)
- PC-based programming
- Automatic route selection (ARS)
- Toll restriction
- Support for SIP trunking helps reduce communication costs
- Wireless extra device port (XDP)- never miss important calls
- Enhanced simplified voice message card includes messaging, auto attendant, voicemail and high quality music recording with max 256 messages, 120 min, recording and/or integration with professional voice mail system
- Uniform call distribution
- Direct inward system access (DISA)
- IP capable: supports up to 4 IP phones, softphone for remote users, and remote maintenance
- All TDA50G components are compatible with the TDA50


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Panasonic KX-TDA50G Technical Specs