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KX-TDA50G 1 Phone and 1 Cordless Phone

KX-TDA50g 1 Phone and 1 Cordless Phone

In Stock Call 800-619-9566

  The Panasonic KX-TDA50G is ready to go and can support up to 4 lines in x up to 8 phones with major expansion up to 24 phones and up to 12 incoming lines depending on configuration.  The TDA50G supports all the standard features listed below plus many advanced features like caller IP routing, IP phones, and off what they call hook whisper, and more.

Includes 1) Panasonic KX-DT333 Phones

Display phone with caller IP, 24 programmable buttons provide the capability to see up 24 incoming lines,  display, blu 4 softkeys makes it EZ to operate, message notification, call hold, call, transfer, speaker phone, 2.5mm headset jack, redial, intercom, speed dial, flash, recall, music on hold, cordless cell system, and more.

Panasonic Wireless Phone

Includes 1) Panasonic multi-cell compatible wireless phone expandable up to 24 wireless phones.

Panasonic Wireless Cell Station

Includes 1) Panasonic cell station compatible with the Panasonic multi-cell wireless phone system, expandable up to 8 wireless cell stations.  Provides wireless phone coverage for large homes, large facilities, and warehouses that need wireless phone coverage through out.

Panasonic KX-TDA50 PC Admin

Includes Free Programming with 60 days of updates.

We program the Panasonic KX-TDA5-G's we sell remotely by logging on to your local Windows PC safely and securely using Show My PC.  We need a good internet connection such as DSL or Cable internet connection, a Windows PC, and the phone system must be connected to the PC with a printer type USB cable.  We cannot program the phone systems over a satellite internet connection.

  Support.  We are here for you!

E System Sales, Inc. is one of the few internet companies that fully supports all the KX-TDA50G's we sell as long as the original person or company owns the phone system.  Any time you have a question, a problem, or if something goes wrong, our technicians will be on the phone to help cure the problem.


E System Sales, Inc. can provide an installer to wire in your new KX-TDA50G, or we provide self-install technical support.  All we need to do is have the phone system wired in, installed, grounded, and we will do the rest to make sure you are getting the full value out og your new phone system

  Panasonic KX-DT333 Features:
24 Programmable Line Buttons
(Provides the ability to see up to 24 lines)
Caller ID with Call log
Call Forwarding
Digital Duplex Speakerphone
Digital Extra Device Port
Alphanumeric Directory Search
Display (LCD) 3 Lines X 24 Characters
*2.5mm Headset Jack
*Voice Mail with Message Waiting LED
Speakerphone Digital Duplex
Personal Speed Dial
100 Alphanumeric Directory Search 
Call Log 100 Function Button 24 Soft Key 4 Interface for CTI (3rd Party) No
Extra Device Port for additional phones
Navigation Key
Ringer Tone/Melody 30
Wall Mountable
Color Black or White

*Auto Answering System
Computer Integration
Cordless Phone Available
Door Phone Integration
Extension Name on Display
Hold and Exclusive Hold
Music on Hold
Off Hook Notification
PC Administration
Softphone Available
System Security
Voice Mail to Email as .wav file
VoIP Lines and SIP Trunk Capable

*Requires Upgrade or Licensing



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